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Round of applause to team Gunda!

Hell yeah! to team Gunda. These people are so strong and motivate to current generation who lost their faith in their swag and shiz.

Bulla: You’re the man of India! You never had dispute with taxi or auto wala because you always keep khulla in this paytm generation, man.
You help poor bachelorette girls in winters with hypothermia by releasing their sweat with your own heat.
You let your sister free like a bird, don’t control over her clothing and judgements, I heard that lambu atta made her taller, never know she had insecurity about her height.

Chutiya: You’re the symbol of LBGT in India, broh!
So proud  of you that you’re out of your closet in such a young age. You have such a great confidence and believe in yourself, you have good moral and family values and keep your brotha Bulla help around in his bad times, you try you best and pull up beds of best people around. So proud!


Lambu Atta: The guy who believes in the concept of open relationship before it was cool. You never judge your wife when she sleeps with other men arond (slow claps by Deepika Padukone). Your rhymes are even much better than William Wordsworth’s poem because you think twice or thrice before you speak that is rare in today’s generation.

Poté: You’re an example of avant garde minamilistic fashion and your retro aviator glasses broh! makes you a trend setter. Plus your sanskari values makes you the best grandson anyone can ever imagine. It’s sad you don’t have kids as you say your dad can’t have poté. Your examples are very practical like raining corpses like baby’s nunni. If Robert Frost should have taken this road he might be in a better place, I am truly sure.

Ibu Hatela: You’re so proud of your ghosty parents who actually died in your childhood. You get visual hallucinations about their work. Grown up in grave yard with such a good health and hyperkalemia as you keep eating those bananas you offer to us in days where price is touching sky.  Please offer more and eat less otherwise you will get cardiac arrhythmia or kidney problems mahn!